SEO For Artists

Search engine optimisation is an invaluable tool for artists, local businesses, and creative organisations. However, we know it can be a nightmare, particularly when you’d rather be busy in the studio. We offer specialised SEO for artists, writers, musicians, and creative businesses. For more information, get in touch today!

Search Engine Optimisation for Artists

Search engine optimisation remains an extremely valuable marketing strategy for individuals, creative companies, and local businesses of all kinds. The ability to be discovered by users and potential customers who are actively searching for your services or artwork is invaluable. In addition to social media services, we are more than happy to offer SEO for artists, creatives and businesses looking to improve their positions on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Starting to optimise your online presence isn’t difficult, but it can be frustrating when you don’t see an immediate difference. Once you’ve followed the easy advice you’ll find on blogs and articles across the internet, it’s all too easy to run out of ideas.

That’s where we come in. We have many years’ experience when it comes to carrying out SEO for artists, local businesses, and creative industries. Thanks to our experience as SEO consultants and copywriters as freelancers, agency employees and on our own sites, we can help you to improve your website for discovery in organic search results.

Technical SEO for Artists

As part of our search engine optimisation services, we will provide on-site, technical SEO. So, what does that mean? Basically, we’ll speed your site up so it loads faster on mobiles, tablets and desktop PCs. We’ll work with you to build your backlink profile, adding more streams of direct traffic to your site, in addition to helping search engines see that your site is valuable to your potential users. We’ll help to structure your site in an SEO-friendly way, helping Google and other search engines understand your site.

There’s more to it, obviously. But the core concept of technical SEO is convincing search engines that your online presence is a valuable source of information. Our technical SEO for artists follows the same principles as standard technical SEO. In most cases, search engine optimisation best practices are transferrable across sites, so effective technical SEO will work on any website.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy to drive visitors to your site, or you simply need someone to point you in the right direction, we are here for you. For more information, get in touch today!  

What Does Our SEO for Artists Include?


Keyword Research

Understanding which search terms you want to appear for is the first step on your site’s SEO journey. These keywords provide structure to your campaign, allowing us to develop your site for the search terms you want to rank for. This research will depend on a few things, including your personal preference, search volume and even your location!


Content Writing

Content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. The way to look at it is, the content on your site is the thing that Google (and other search engines) will be pushing people towards. A key part of SEO for artists and other creatives, is solid on-site content. Whether you want us to optimise your content, or create completely new content, we’re here to help.

Link Building

Backlinks to your site act as symbols of trust from other websites. The more websites trust yours; the more Google, Bing and other search engines are likely to see your online presence as a source of valuable information. Using our link building strategies for artists, we’re able to help you improve the trust that search engines, like Google, place in your website.  

Search Engine Optimisation for Creatives

If you’ve got a website acting as your main online presence, search engine optimisation is essential. It might not be the most visual of mediums to display your work, but it is incredibly valuable. Whether you’re looking to appear for a particular service you offer, the kind of work you create or even simply your own name, we are here for you.

From social media and website design, to SEO for artists and creatives of all kinds, SMFA is here to help. For more information on our diverse range of services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Whether you’re looking for our paid services, or even a little advice to help you get started with SEO on your own, we are here for you.

SEO for artists